Porsche Macan vs Acura MDX

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In this showdown, our Porsche of Huntsville team takes two of the top performing, luxuriously designed SUVs out on the market to see which one truly has it all for drivers in Huntsville, Florence, and Cullman, AL.

Discover what each car has in store for you and find out which one matches what you are looking for by reading through this Porsche Macan vs. Acura MDX comparison.

Porsche Macan vs Range Rover Evoque

Driving the Macan vs MDX

Either of these models will give you a thrilling drive, thanks to their powerful engines that produce well over 200 horsepower each. The difference between the performance of the 2020 Porsche Macan and Acura MDX will be in their handling and driving feel.

The MDX offers great, effortless handling, thanks to its sporty design and systems like Agile Handling Assist®. It does however, come standard with just a front-wheel drive system. In the 2020 Macan, on the other hand, you will have the Porsche Traction Management system.

This active all-wheel drive system constantly analyzes a range of data and adjusts on the fly to give you the best traction possible. This gives you great confidence and control while accelerating around a bend in the road. Combined with the other sophisticated engineering put into this vehicle, it makes the Porsche Macan an incredibly sporty ride that combines outstanding handling, traction, and steering in one package.

Inside These Premium SUVs

While enjoying a fun, exciting ride in either of these models, you will also get an extremely comfortable ride. You and your passengers can each adjust the temperature using the three-zone automatic climate control system that comes standard in both the MDX and Macan.

To match its superior athletic performance, the Porsche Macan provides a more stylish and sportier interior with its overall layout, which includes the ascending center console. You will feel the heart pumping the second you grip the available Multifunction GT Sport Steering Wheel. Then, get an extra jolt of adrenaline as you hear the power of the engine in the Porsche Macan with the amplified sounds of the available Sport Exhaust System.


The 2020 Macan and MDX each have advanced infotainment systems that let you personalize your ride and stay entertained while driving. The 8-inch display in the 2020 Acura MDX lets you connect to your phone and play audio through its eight-speaker sound system.

You can do the same in the Porsche Macan and play music, a podcast, or any other audio saved on your phone through its 10-speaker audio system. Its infotainment system also gives you a clearly view of your controls on its 10.9-inch HD touchscreen. See your turn-by-turn directions when using the standard navigation system in the 2020 Macan.

You can use Real-Time Traffic Information to see if there are any delays ahead and find an alternative route if needed. The 2020 MDX also has a navigation system, but it doesn’t come standard and requires you to get a package upgrade.

Experience the Excitement of Driving the Porsche Macan

Both models give you exhilarating performance and a luxurious ride, making it clear that they stand in a class by themselves. Choosing between the Porsche Macan vs. Acura MDX may come down to what it is like driving these two sporty SUVs.

Luckily for drivers in Huntsville, Florence, and Cullman, AL, they can swing by Porsche of Huntsville and do just that. Schedule a test drive of the Porsche Macan with us and see just how fun and confident your ride will be.